A facelift and new content

The last time this site received a structural update dates a few years back, and so does the last update of content. Now some required technical maintenance provided an opportunity to address both. Elena Ramirez, who developed the site originally and is now one half of Ashler Design, kindly agreed to work on the facelift and I finally pushed myself to add some new content.

What you see is not entirely new. Instead, we’ve tried to make the existing design better. Primarily, we’ve reviewed how individual projects are presented, and improved numerous details. Text is more directly accessible, and some gadgety functions have been removed. Key images have been replaced with higher resolution files, and new illustrations have been added.

The new content is in projects that have been completed over the last years, but have not found their way on this website yet. In some cases courtesy suggested that I should hold off to present work that the customer had not published yet; in other cases, I postponed updates because I didn’t have the time, or because I made publication subject to other fixes.

To capture the chronology of the new content, I am not publishing everything at once now. Instead, I will distribute the release of new material over a few weeks, starting with my Arabic interpretation of David Březina’s Skolar Sans, published by Rosetta in 2016. By the end of this update series, I should have caught-up with all projects that are public, the latest releases dating from the end of 2019. By then summer should have reached most of the Northern hemisphere too, and maybe, just maybe, some semblance of normality too.