Post-Diplôme Amiens, class of 2011

Amiens, Picardie. A year has passed again and a new class of post-diplôme students leaves the ESAD Amiens. On Wednesday, February 8, they presented the results of their roughly 16 months of research and design work to the jury consisting of the invited Dr Fiona Ross, Thomas Huot-Marchand and the school’s regular teachers. The biggest […]

2011 and onwards

On Thursday, January 26, Typographica posted its most recent best-of-list of typeface releases for the year 2011. I am honoured that Nassim is included in this selection of excellent creations, and feel particularly humbled in view of some of the worthy honourable mentions. Thierry Blancpain’s review is enlightening and critical at once, succinct and without […]

Post-diplôme ESAD graduates and opens its doors

Amiens, Picardie. On the 8th of February 2011, the latest post-diplôme of the ESAD in Amiens finished its one-year-and-a-bit long cycle of studies, practice and research. Under the scrutiny of the invited external jurors Jo de Baerdemaeker and Olivier Nineuil, the two students Alisa Nowak and Damien Collot presented the results of their stay at […]

ESAD Amiens calls for post-diplôme applications

The ésad in Amiens opens a new round of applications for the post-diplôme programme “typography and language”. In its 4th year, the programme takes a more explicit line with a clear focus on typeface design. Current student projects, ongoing research and staff specialisations supported this development. Small classes, international staff with a multidisciplinary outlook and […]